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Customer Photos


Take a look below for some images of our planters that we have supplied to our clients. Would you like the chance to be featured on this page? 
E-mail us your photos and send a quick message about your experience with us, what products you used and why? 
We look forward to hearing from you!


Jeff Colton   Colton Gardens (1).jpgOlive Grove Oundle.jpgCamilla Grayley Design.jpgMatthew Childs Design.jpgTW Hotel.jpgWilson Associates Garden Design.jpgVaRa Garden Design.jpgCassandra Crouch.jpgStewart Landscapes.jpgMax Harriman.jpgLand Design Partnership.jpgEast of Eden.jpgMartin Swatton Architectural Design.jpgKerrystone Design.jpgJoanna ArcherLilly Gomm