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Spotlighting the Polystone Range

Spotlighting The Polystone Range Photo 1

As our Polystone range have been making appearances in a variety of show gardens this year we decided that we would like to shine a bit more light on these versatile planters and what makes them so special.

In May, garden designer Lilly Gomm used one of our Polystone Giant Plates in her Gold medal winning Hillier garden at the RHS Chelsea Flower show. The ‘Stihl Hillier Garden’ was Hillier’s 74th consecutive gold medal at Chelsea and, although the Polystone Plate only played a small part in this formal and contemporary garden, Lilly was pleased with how it added to the overall aesthetic.

Here is what she had to say about it:

“The shape of the Grey Polystone Giant Plate worked brilliantly for the scheme as it brought definition to a corner while being low enough not to obstruct any views. It also provided a good depth of planting and the width to include a variety of planting.”

polystone at RHS chelsea.jpg

Also back in May, 3 planters from our Polystone range were used by designer Sara Edwards at the RHS Malvern Spring Festival in her garden ‘Defiance’. The garden was inspired by balconies that are filled with plants that overflow into their harsh concrete surroundings, defiant of their setting. Based on a London balcony this garden was for avid gardener and plant obsessed traveller who wanted to bring a piece of the tropics home. This garden not only won Sara a gold medal but also got her the title of Best Green Living Spaces Garden. As pictured below one of the Polystone Giant Plate was used as a water bowl, with two others used as generously sized planters with the grey offsetting the green and giving the planting further context.

“The message to be taken from the garden is no matter how small or ugly a space may seem, anything can be made to be beautiful and inviting. All it takes is some imagination, creativity, some key specimen plants and feature planters and you’ve created a lush, enticing haven; even in the middle of a concrete jungle!

The Pebble Grey Polystone complimented my colour pallet of greys brilliantly and the 3 sizes I used fitted into the space perfectly.”

The Polystone range is made using a composite of stone powder and resin which creates a very dense, durable and strong form. This allows these planters to stand up to the most extreme conditions while giving them a more manageable weight than pure stone. Available in 15 different styles and with a range of sizes and colours available these modern, sleek, minimalistic planters can fit into a host of different gardens and environments.

show garden malvern.jpg

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