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High Square

High Square Image

High Square Image High Square Image High Square Image High Square Image High Square Image High Square Image High Square Image High Square Image High Square Image

Polystone High Square

This modern range has sleek styling, and outstanding resilience. Polystone is an extremely dense compound of resin and powdered stone that will stand up to the harshest of elements and look good all the while. It has the appearance of stone but whilst it retains a solid, heavy feel it is more manageable in weight. All planters are available in slate black or marble white. PLEASE NOTE: The polystone material now can have miniscule bubbles in the surface. This is due to the manufacturering method being changed at the factory. We have been advised that the material, when poured into the mould, has a higher viscosity than before meaning that any bubbles that form when poured do not always completely dissapear as they used to. The small bubbles are not considered a fault or defect, please see images for examples of the bubbles. If you have any questions, please let us know.

This shape is available in marble white, black and pebble grey.

PSHS41 410 x 410 x 900mm

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