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Iron Stands

Iron Stands Image

These iron stands are perfect for multi-purpose use. They can be used to lift a brazier off the ground and help protect the lawn, as well as being placed above the flames to aid cooking. The perfect accompaniment for our Curved Corten Steel Fire Pits!

IRN.2830 280Ø x 300mm  (Perfect for the 60cm Fire Pit!)

IRN.3230 320Ø x 300mm  (Perfect for the 80cm Fire Pit!)

IRN.3340 330Ø x 400mm  (Perfect for the 60cm & 80cm Fire Pit!)

IRN.3830 380Ø x 300mm  (Perfect for the 100cm Fire Pit!)

IRN.4320 430Ø x 200mm  (Perfect for the 100cm & 120cm Fire Pit!)

IRN.4330 430Ø x 300mm  (Perfect for the 120cm Fire Pit!)

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