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Subo Stand

Subo Stand Image

Subo Stand Image Subo Stand Image

The Subo corten steel stand serves as the base for the our Corten Steel bowls. Therefore, depending on the application, it is the base for the water or fire bowl. A reliable, stable construction ensures safety – the stand is made of 2mm corten steel, which guarantees smooth use in almost all conditions. The rectangular shape contrasts with the trapezoidal shape of the bowls (purchased separately), creating an interesting compositio for the eye.

CSSS35 35 x 35 x 30cm  (Perfect for the 60cm & 80cm bowl!)

CSSS50 50 x 50 x 42cm  (Perfect for the 100cm & 120cm bowl!)

CSSS65 65 x 65 x 54cm  (Perfect for the 150cm bowl!)

Don’t forget we offer a pre-weathering service on Corten Steel so contact us here if you have a special requirement!

Please Note: This product can be at any point throughout the weathering process when received. Contact us if you have a particular requirement.

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