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Knotted Log Basket

Knotted Log Basket Image

Knotted Log Basket Image Knotted Log Basket Image Knotted Log Basket Image

Log Basket
This knotted log basket is a high end fireplace accessory, looking great next to an open fire and wood burning stove. Allowing you to keep a good stock of wood and briquettes close by.  Hand wrought from heavy duty iron, making them both extremely detailed and resilient. These log baskets are also often used as braziers – an ideal centrepiece for your garden parties.

  • Knotted Log Basket
  • Hand wrought in iron
  • Bent & twisted by hand
  • Intricate motif
  • Ideal storage for logs and briquettes
  • Perfect for use as a brazier


These log baskets will weather over time if used in a moisture prone environment. Whilst most prefer to leave wrought iron products to develop their own patina, restoration is possible through priming/painting. If these log baskets are used as braziers, more rapid oxidation will obviously occur.

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Dimensions: *

45 x 45 x 67cm

* Dimensions are generally displayed as W x D x H

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