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Corten steel edging is the solution to the age-old problem of maintaining neat edges for lawns, drives, paths, driveways and flower or vegetable beds. It can be used in a variety of soil conditions and, once it's installed, is tough, weather resistant and maintenance free.

Our edging system is available in either 2mm or 3mm thickesses, 3x profiles (Straight, Folded or U-Profile) and 2x heights (150mm or 290mm). For joining the edging pieces together there are tabs (welded perpendicular to the edging face) and pegs which utilise corresponding slots to secure the edging peices both together and down into the ground. For additional securing, we recommend using concrete haunching, that is later buried, out of sight. Straight Edging is great for going around bends and curves, as it is very flexible. Folded Edging and U-Profile Edging is perfect for straight runs as it is rigid and unable to be curved.

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