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Majestic Elephant Statue

Majestic Elephant Statue Image

Majestic Elephant Statue Image Majestic Elephant Statue Image Majestic Elephant Statue Image

Elephants are the largest land-living mammals in the world, the trunk alone can grow up to about 2 metres long and weigh up to 140kg. There are two types of elephant, the Asian elephant and the African elephant. They belong to the family Elephantidae which is a family of large, herbivorous mammals collectively called elephants and mammoths. Their large, thin ears are made up of a network of blood vessels which helps regulate their temperature, blood circulates through their ears to keep them cool in hot climates.

As with all cast iron products, this statue will continue to gently develop its own unique patina. Depending on positioning and environment, this can include mossing and general weathering. In order to begin this process, we store these statues outside. As rust forms its own seal, decades of service are ensured. Whilst a weathered look is generally preferred, a uniform finish can be achieved by priming and spraying or painting as required.

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23 x 33 x 33cm

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