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Corten Steel Porta Wall

Corten Steel Porta Wall Image

Corten Steel Porta Wall Image Corten Steel Porta Wall Image

Corten Steel Porta Wall

The Porta wall with a cut-out arch is an innovative, extremely durable and light-weight element of small finishing architecture with many applications and functions. It can separate various spaces from each other or be a great alternative to an ordinary wall gateway. The corten wall not only catches the eye, but also guarantees high comfort of use. A corten wall will fit perfectly into spaces decorated in a Scandinavian, rustic, loft, industrial and modern style. It allows you to break the usual design patterns, creating a functional, and at the same time extremely aesthetic and unique style. 

Decorativewalls are made of 2mm corten steel and are extremely durable and resistant to all weather conditions. These panels offer the chance to constantly experience their extraordinary design. Their rough, rusty surface is subject to constant, dynamic colour changes over the years; from a light brown, warm color right after production, corten steel turns into an increasingly intense, deep black/brown after about 40 years.

Corten is a type of structural steel which, thanks to the content of elements such as copper, chromium, nickel and phosphorus, shows increased resistance to corrosion and to elevated temperatures. Appropriate selection of alloying elements causes the release of copper oxides on the surface of products made of corten steel, the so-called patina - commonly reminiscent of rust. However, this coating is fully sealed, durable and does not extend into the material, thus there is no loss of sheet thickness, and no peeling occurs. Therefore, products made of corten steel are very durable and do not require any maintenance.

Corten steel products are delivered in a raw, non-oxidized state. At your request, it is possible to accelerate the natural 'aging' process of Corten steel in the form of a separate, paid service. It is also possible to independently perform the 'aging' process using the instructions attached to the product. this is a very large item and will require specialist equipment to unload as well as put into position. Kerb-side Delivery ONLY.

Please call or email the office if you have any questions regarding the product.

Product code:







Extra Large



Dimensions: *

350 x 15 x 230(H)cm

* Dimensions are generally displayed as W x D x H

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