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Durable, frost resistant and easy to wipe clean this planter is ideal for internal or external use. Our fibreglass planters are available in a range of colours and, rather than being painted the colour is added during the manufacturing process which means that the planter will keep its colour even if knocked or scuffed.

  • ADPE1.1 150 ø x 80cm
  • ADPE1 120 ø x 80cm
  • ADPE2 95 ø x 70cm
  • ADPE3 89 ø x 100cm
  • ADPE4 63 ø x 52cm
  • ADPE5 55 ø x 76cm

Fibreglass planters come as standard in RAL 7021 black/grey. For a 10% surcharge of we can produce fibreglass in the below colours

RAL 7006 Beige Grey

RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey

RAL 7035 Light Grey

RAL 9005 Jet Black

RAL 9010 Pure White

Please note this product can be produced in any unlisted RAL colour, with a surcharge and a minimum order of 20 pieces.

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