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Antiqued Trough

Antiqued Trough Image

Antiqued Trough Image Antiqued Trough Image

The Antiqued Trough is a traditional looking trough planter, made using modern moulding techniques these lightweight planters look authentic and are durable but without the weight or fagility of a stone or clay planter. Made in a recyclable thermoplastic these planters are moulded through a high end rotational moulding technique which creates a seamless finish. Lightweight but extremely durable this planter is a modern alternative to traditional terracotta and stone.

Frost resistant, this planter is an investment pieces that requires little maintenance and will continue to perform year on year. Look at our full Pianta collection here.

PCCAPOR80 800 x 350 x 330mm           PCCAPOR100 1000 x 430 x 400mm

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