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Angus Tapered Planter

Angus Tapered Planter Image

Angus Tapered Planter Image Angus Tapered Planter Image Angus Tapered Planter Image

Add a little creativity to your garden design with these tapered Aluminium squares. Why not fit them together to create a two-tone feature?! 

During the production process our Aluminium planters are powder coated – firstly with a primer coat and then we finish them with a scratch resistant colour coating and on the inside of the planter we apply a special primer.

VIAF17 400 x 800 x 1000mm                     VIAF18 800 x 400 x 1000mm

As standard we can produce these planters in the following RAL colours;

  • 9016 PURE WHITE
  • 9005 JET BLACK
  • 5001 GREEN BLUE
  • 3020 TRAFFIC RED
  • 2004 PURE ORANGE

For any other RAL colour prices are available on application.

Please Note: We do not currently hold stock of this item. To enquire about lead times please e-mail our sales team at

Did you know? We can produce Aluminium in any bespoke size/shape/colour you are after. Get in touch now for your free quote! 

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