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Toasted Oak Wine Barrel

Toasted Oak Wine Barrel Image

Toasted Oak Wine Barrel Image Toasted Oak Wine Barrel Image Toasted Oak Wine Barrel Image

Toasted Barrels
'Toasting' became a popular technique with winemakers after they discovered how exposing the barrel to fire enhances the flavours that usually occur naturally from the raw wood. The use of a hand-held torch or an open flame caramelises the woods natural sugars and releases complex compounds. This leads to the wine taking on flavors that are toasty, charred, spicy and sweet depending on the amount of time the wood is toasted; a lightly toasted barrel spends around 25 minutes exposed to flame while a heavily toasted barrel may get up to one hour of flame exposure.

Product Summary

  • Genuine oak wine barrel
  • Toasted to release the flavours in the oak
  • 225 litre capacity
  • Suitable for use as a water butt
  • As previously used for storing wine, these barrels will be water tight once refilled and the timber has expanded

Finishing Touches & Colour
Because our barrels are sourced from a number of high end vineyards, they feature a variety of finishing touches. All are based around a core design that include standard, hand curved staves and metal bands, but finishing specifications do differ. These include willow bands to top and bottom, supporting braces to both faces and vineyard specific markings. Some are daubed with red paint around the bilge to indicate the colour of wine their batch contains. All barrels start out light in colour, but as with any timber product, will silver over time. The colour of your barrel will depend on how long it has been in our stock. Barrels can be restored through pressure washing, sanding and/or the use of oxalic acid if required. A coat of Danish Oil can delay the weathering process.

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69 x 69 x 95cm

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