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Jardi Wood Storage

Jardi Wood Storage Image

Jardi Wood Storage Image Jardi Wood Storage Image Jardi Wood Storage Image Jardi Wood Storage Image

Jardi Wood Storage

Jardi is a large storage stand for firewood made of 3 mm thick Corten. It is perfect as a place to store wood for a fireplace, grill or hearth, protecting against moisture and strong wind, keeping your garden tidy and safe. Apart from it's practical values, it catches the eye with its unusual appearance. Jardi rests on four solid and stable legs, thanks to which the stand stands firmly on the ground, and the wood is also ventilated from the bottom.

Corten Steel does not require any maintenance and does not change its properties over time. Corten steel is a high-grade of structural steel which, thanks to the content of elements such as copper, chromium, nickel and phosphorus, it shows increased resistance to corrosion. Appropriate selection of alloying elements causes so-called copper oxides which are released on the surface of corten steel creating the desired patina - commonly reminiscent of rust. However, this coating is fully intentional, durable and does not progress into the material, thus there is no loss of sheet thickness, and there is no *flaking.

The Jardi stand is available in as many as 7 different standard variants, thanks to which you will certainly find the right solution for you.

  • 100 x 35 x 180(H)cm

  • 100 x 40 x 180(H)cm

  • 100 x 55 x 180(H)cm

  • 120 x 35 x 100(H)cm

  • 120 x 55 x 100(H)cm

  • 200 x 35 x 180(H)cm

  • 200 x 55 x 180(H)cm

*as corten steel weathers it will emit a residue/run-off that can stain surfaces the corten steel product is placed on.


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Dimensions: *

120 x 40 x 100(H)cm - 200 x 55 x 180(H)cm

* Dimensions are generally displayed as W x D x H

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