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Corten Steel Panel

Corten Steel Panel Image

Corten Steel Panel Image Corten Steel Panel Image Corten Steel Panel Image Corten Steel Panel Image Corten Steel Panel Image

Corten Steel Panels

Decorative panels are made of 2mm corten steel and are extremely durable and resistant to all weather conditions. These panels offer the chance to constantly experience their extraordinary design. Their rough, rusty surface is subject to constant, dynamic colour changes over the years; from a light brown, warm color right after production, corten steel turns into an increasingly intense, deep black/brown after about 40 years. Corten products are real works of art that are becoming more and more popular with each passing year. They are perfect for partioning-off parts of your garden to create very different feeling areas. 

Available in a range of sizes and shapes there is one for any garden and can be used to create private intimate areas in the most exposed environments. Our laser-cut panels are an easy way to create an immediate impact in any space. Available in a range of sizes, these panels draw the eye and frame pieces of the garden with a range of laser-cut patterns to choose from. These are made in fully certified corten steel. 

Sizes and Weights:

45 x 5 x 180(H)cm (18kg)            45 x 5 x 200(H)cm (21kg)

90 x 5 x 180(H)cm (33kg)            90 x 5 x 200(H)cm (36kg)

Your panels can be mounted using timber posts/batons (there are screwholes already cut in tothe sides for fixing) or by using one of our corten steel posts, available seperately.

If you have any questions, please let us know by email ( We look forward to hearing from you.


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18 - 36kg

Dimensions: *

45 x 5 x 180(H)cm - 900 x 5 x 200(H)cm

* Dimensions are generally displayed as W x D x H

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