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Arcadian Fibrestone

Arcadian Fibrestone

Our newest addition to the Fibrestone Range, Arcadian FIbrestone. Arcadian means rustic, and this product line is a more rustic version of the Fibrestone. With a surface texture similar to masonry paint on stone and a thicker material than the standard Fibrestone, Arcadian Fibrestone is very durable and rugged range. Arcadia Fibrestone is a recently developed, innovative material that provides all the benefits associated with Fibreglass, such as durability and strength, whilst giving it a more solid feel. Stone powder is added into the mix to achieve solid, authentic planters that will not chip or damage easily. 

The Arcadia Fibrestone range is available in black (BK), white (WT) and grey (GY). The range is suitable for customers who want a light-middle weight planter with a modern appearance. 

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