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Oak Wine Barrel

Oak Wine Barrel Image

Oak Wine Barrel Image Oak Wine Barrel Image

Our barrels can be utilised again in the brewing process for wine or cider, or as garden ornaments. They also make excellent furniture/tables for pubs and pub gardens.

Oak barrels made from local oak have been used in France for centuries to store and age wine, given the oak and vanilla overtones they impart. Our barrels are sourced from a selection of high end vineyards, including one operated by Remy Martin, where they are only used for one season before being decommissioned and imported to the UK.

They have a capacity of 225 litres, (just under 50 imperial gallons), and were produced using high grade oak from the surrounding regions. Only 5% of an oak tree is deemed of good enough quality to produce wine barrels. Their light look makes them perfect for sitting on a decking area.

Please Note: Finishes/colours may vary slightly as these are produced from natural materials. They feature a variety of finishing touches, all are based around a core design that include standard, hand curved staves and metal bands, but finishing specifications do differ and some may be daubed with paint around the bilge.

Please Note: The barrels may not come with bungs as shown.

Take a look at more of our barrels here!

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69Ø x 95cm

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